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Lory Mpiana

Lory Mpiana is a bilingual English/French African-Canadian Actor currently living in Toronto. She was born in The Congo (DRC) and moved to Canada in 2002. French being her first language, she learned to speak English while attending Wexford Public School in Toronto.


Lory fell in love with the Arts at 8 years old. She has been training and perfecting her craft ever since. Lory attended a French Elementary school called St-Jean-de-Lalande there she joined an improv team and they would compete professionally. Lory believes that “Improv is a very essential tool for the Actor. It makes them think quick on their feet.”


Post-Secondary, Lory studied at Armstrong Acting Studios with Dean Armstrong, Andrea Runge, and Amos Crawley. She was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to train at the Cindy Tanas Acting School “I believe that as an Actor studying with Cindy was a turning point in my young adult life because we really went in-depth with the work by working on our lives which really made me think of Acting from a different point of view. I am forever grateful for this life-changing experience.”

In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends and family and going to the movies.

According to Lory what she loves about Acting is that “there is always personal growth that is being achieved while working on your craft. It has made me empathetic towards others and more open-minded. I believe that everyone should take an Acting class at least once in their life, whether you are an Actor or not. It will definitely awaken something inside of you.”

Class Work 

A Gift From Aphrodite is a short scene written by Lory Mpiana. Victoria runs into the first true love of her life James. Lory wrote this piece during the Global Pandemic COVID19.  

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is a play by Tennesse Williams. Lory is playing Maggie Pollitt. Here is her Monologue.

Lory Mpiana is in class running a scene. Lory is Coached by Warren Belle.

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